Wardlaw Appraisal Group

Wardlaw Appraisal Group is a highly respected Mineral, Utility, and Industrial Appraisal firm with over 20 years of service to Texas appraisal districts. We currently appraise properties in many Texas Counties: The high level of experience and efficiency of our staff allows us to be extremely effective and responsive while operating with less overhead.

Wardlaw has experienced and qualified appraisers, division order analysts, technology and administrative support personnel. We efficiently and accurately manage and appraise over 320,000 accounts, 14,000 wells, 9,000 division orders, and 12,000 utility and industrial properties.

If you want to make sure the best interests of your appraisal district are being addressed, or if you merely believe it is a good practice to seek competitive bids, then give Wardlaw Appraisal Group, LC, an opportunity to compete for the Mineral, Utility, Industrial and Commercial contracts for your appraisal district.

What We Guarantee

Wardlaw Appraisal Group Provides Ad Valorem Tax Appraisal Services for County Appraisal Districts

1. Since 1987 we have built our reputation on a foundation of client service
2. Registered Professional Engineers perform all of our mineral appraisals
3. Our in-house IT staff provides the strongest, most flexible data support in the industry
4. Our sensitivity to taxpayer concerns is unmatched

Wardlaw Appraisal Group guarantees the following:

Wardlaw Appraisal Group prides itself on providing fair values, a low protest rate, and excellent PTD ratios.

Our mission is to impeccably represent your best interests.

Counties Serviced

Services Overview

  • Utilities and Industrial Valuation
  • Minerals Valuation
  • Methods and Assistance Program Compliance

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Address: 16601 Blanco Rd, Ste 100,
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Telephone: (210) 448-2000
FAX: (210) 408-0106
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